August 2016 Successfully Selling HUD Homes Training Class & Luncheon

August 2016 Successfully Selling HUD Homes Training Class & Luncheon
Event on 2016-08-24 12:00:00
HUD Training Class and Luncheon Hosted by Tim McCrary, Stockdale Real Estate Group -LLB for HUD owned Homes  Date: 08/24/16 Time: 12:00pm to 2:00pm Location: Bakersfield Association of REALTORS   Course Information: With the new introduction of M&M 3.5, there are many changes to HUD’s residential real estate program. For those that have sold HUD before they may notice many changes and for those considering HUD, now is the time to learn. The class reviews the dynamics of M&M 3.5, the bidding site and NEW bidding periods and ultimately addresses everything from marketing to contract to close. HUD homes are becoming the predominant REO in the market and understanding the NEW process is the key to REO success now and into the future.    In addition to learning general information about HUD, it’s properties, and the HUD Sales Process, attendees will learn: Who can buy HUD properties How to register with HUD How to navigate the HUD listing site How to market, advertise, and show HUD Homes How “property bidding” works And Much More  Lunch will be provided and space is limited, please RSVP Have questions about July 2016 Successfully Selling HUD Homes Training Class & Luncheon? Contact Stockdale Real Estate Group
at Bakersfield Association of Realtors
2300 Bahamas Dr
Bakersfield, United States

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