How are we adjusting inside the property industry with creditors dropping?

Question by Shannon J: How are you adjusting in the real estate industry with lenders falling?
As a Realtor it is hard to even trust that a deal will close now-a-days with the lenders going out of business and leaving buyers stuck out at closing. This has been a terrible experience for me.
Here in Houston mortgage brokers and loan officers are hurting and some are even given up. As a Realtor I have other options but rearranging my structure and client base will take me a minute to start building back up.
It would be interesting to know how others in the real estate industry are doing these days.
As the mortgage shakeout forces dozens of home lenders into bankruptcy, some are merely going into something like suspended animation — shutting down temporarily and hoping to escape intact once the crisis has run its course.
Published 12:00 am PDT Sunday, August 26, 2007
The total volume of subprime loans nationally fell less than 4 percent in 2006, even as defaults and foreclosures were starting to spike, according to data compiled by Credit Suisse. Some big lenders never really did apply the brakes: New Century’s loan volume was down a mere 1.3 percent through the end of February, or about two weeks before trading in the company’s stock was suspended.
Published 12:00 am PDT Friday, August 24, 2007
Former branch manager Heather Fern-Luzzi, foreground, and Heidi Freiberg clean up as the Roseville office of First Magnus Financial Corp. shuts down. As lenders cut back because of a credit crunch and slack housing demand, 13,000 mortgage jobs disappeared nationwide in the past week.

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Answer by Pobept K
After all that babel about lenders and buyers that have committed to questionable loans and lending policies.
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2 Responses to How are we adjusting inside the property industry with creditors dropping?

  1. frankie b

    Its a simple answer. Work with well qualified buyers who can use banks like bank of America, or wachovia. Use large banks who do not allow subprime, they will be staying in business for many years. If you have first time home buyers use your states program to get a loan. There are many ways around it, but the best is make sure your clients have a credit score of 680 or above, or 20% down payment

  2. DJ B

    Minnesota is experiencing some similar situations. My business has been pretty bad. My husband and I both work in the industry. We had been selling exclusively for a builder until a year ago. We saw the downturn in Sept 04 during the Parade of Homes here. We agonized over moving our licenses to a regional broker to expand our business into the existing market. But it has been like starting all over from the beginning. We have 5 listings, two have had some activity, but only low ball offers the sellers couldn’t accept. So we’ve only managed one closing this year. I also appraise real estate and when the sub prime market died, so did my appraising business. So we’re looking at our options right now too. Not many companies will hire 50+ yr. olds.