Q&A: Should a real estate investor work as a sales associate/broker or?

Question by Red: Should a real estate investor work as a sales associate/broker or?
Im going to invest in Real Estate on the side (mainly rental properties ).. Right now im getting my real estate license but im also finishing up a paralegal program. Which of these two jobs would be more beneficial to me as a real estate investor, becoming an agent and work with a broker then maybe become a broker, or work as a real estate paralegal?? (i live in wpb Florida)

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Answer by bull_rooster_aardvark
I think agent it better, though I’m not sure exactly what paralegal does (do they have access to the mls). If you are doing this on the side figure you’ve got to buy/ sell at least one property per year to cover the costs of having a license (assuming your commissions cover the costs, not talking about a flip here). However, access to the mls is crucial for me and whatever you do, make sure you have this.

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  1. Ed

    Continue your path to real estate success by becoming a licensed real agent. I listed for comparison and contrast, information on both career paths. In my opinion, you’ll best become knowable about the art of buying and selling real estate and the laws that govern the process by become a sales associate or broker. You’ll surely have opportunities to purchase real estate properties for yourself through practicing as a Real Estate Agent. Sometimes sellers will call the office and just want to “Unload their property”. You’ll be right on the front line to assist these clients. You’ll also make contacts with other investors. You’ll see first-hand how they accumulate their inventory and establish a positive reputation. When you receive sales leads, these investors may become your buyers. As you probably already know, Real Estate Brokers and Agents do the same type of work, but Brokers are licensed to manage their own Real Estate businesses. Sales Agents must work with a broker. Although they often work long and irregular hours, many are able to set their own schedules. These individual become credible professionals (similar to accountants and many other professional occupations). My research reveals that the median annual wage of real estate brokers was $ 54,910, and the median annual wage of real estate agents was $ 40,030. Employment of real estate brokers and sales agents is expected to grow 11 percent from the present time to 2020, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Job opportunities and income fluctuate with the economy and are, like many other sales occupations, highly dependent on the personal drive, motivation, and sales ability of the individual real estate broker or sales agent. The Job Duties and Tasks for a “Real Estate Sales Agent” include the following:
    1) Present purchase offers to sellers for consideration.
    3) Interview clients to determine what kinds of properties they are seeking.
    4) Prepare documents such as representation contracts, purchase agreements, closing statements, deeds and leases.
    5) Coordinate property closings.
    6) Act as an intermediary in negotiations between buyers and sellers.
    7) Promote sales of properties through advertisements, open houses, and participation in multiple listing services.
    8) Compare a property with similar properties that have recently sold in order to determine its competitive market price.
    12) Arrange for title searches.
    16) Accompany buyers during visits to and inspections of property, advising them on the suitability and value of the homes they are visiting.
    17) Advise sellers on how to make homes more appealing to potential buyers.
    19) Advise clients on market conditions, prices, mortgages, legal requirements and related matters.
    20) Evaluate mortgage options to help clients obtain financing at the best prevailing rates and terms.
    22) Investigate clients’ financial and credit status in order to determine eligibility for financing.
    23) Contact property owners and advertise services in order to solicit property sales listings.
    24) Develop networks of attorneys, mortgage lenders, and contractors to whom clients may be referred.
    31) Rent or lease properties on behalf of clients.
    Real Estate Paralegal Duties include the following:
    Real estate paralegals may work with lawyers to complete pending purchase agreements and create closing checklists for all real estate sales. Often, paralegals are responsible for completing agreements, legal descriptions of property and title affidavits. Other duties can include, conducting research, analyzing title documents and explaining real estate codes to clients. Upon the closing of a sale, a paralegal may also be accountable for working with in-house legal counsel to record all real estate documentation. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are a number of educational paths for prospective paralegals. In order to be prepared for the real estate career world, students can earn an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, as well as a certificate. Related programs include the paralegal certificate with a concentration in real estate, Associate of Science in Legal Assistant and Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies.
    I hope that this information has been helpful. Best wishes for a career filled with pleasure and financial success.