Real Estate Closing – Real Estate Closings For Wholesale Property Deals – What Happens During Real Estate Closings? Here Are A Few Tips On Closing Real Estate As a Wholesaler… Hi, this is Frank Chen with …

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13 Responses to Real Estate Closing – Real Estate Closings For Wholesale Property Deals

  1. The87osborne

    Dude you only answer one question

  2. Cherish Ramseur

    Question, who has to pay title company if seller decides not to sell and the title has been pulled

  3. Ceasar Blackman

    thanks for the video, as a new investor i have been waiting to start marketing until i have a good understanding of the closing process work, but now i have that information. Thank !!

  4. calayton12

    No body ever talks about the Capital Gain taxes associated with real estate. When is the tax on the gains due? Is it taken out during the transaction or do you have to report your earnings to the IRS for it to be taxed the next year?

  5. Ignacio Stapleton

    Do you do JV’s ? We have NPN TAPES and Wholesale Properties. eMail: Ignacio.Realtor@yahoo dot come

  6. jchance313 a little confused…whats the difference btw wholesaling property and a double closing / dual transactional funding

  7. Daniel Major

    wow someone who actually i can finally understand about realestate that is not so confusing like those other gurus out there!

  8. Leia Lucio

    Great information. I have a Question how do i obtain these contracts ex. Assingment contract, Closing Contract between A and C parties. Or does the closing agent already have the documents? Im lost

  9. Marvin McCloud

    I asked a few title companies and they told me that it’s illegal to wholesale properties for the simple fact that if I didn’t actually buy the property myself I can’t turn around and sell it it somebody else. They told me I would have to buy the property first and then I can sell it to my end buyer. A few of them mentioned they didn’t want to get involved in these transactions and risk going to jail. I mentioned to them the same situation you explained here. How do I handle this issue? Thanks!

  10. reiclub

    Thanks for your question. The answer is no, you do not have to have a buyer in place for the end buyer, it is up to them to find their own.

  11. wwpsolutions

    Hey Frank good stuff. I am inches away from my first deal. When going to closing, I have my SELLER in place, END-BUYER (assignee) in place. Do I need to have another buyer in place for the person I am assigning it to? Or am I just closing with the SELLER and the person I am assigning to?

    Thanks in advance for your advice Frank.

  12. jchance313

    Im a Realestate investor, information was very helpful. Will be using this method soon. Could you do a video about how to use this concept using bonds, how to maxamize cash back at closing, and ways to find agents would are familiar with double closings and title agents

  13. uncledubspage

    Great info…I have been doing this 5 years and I never quit learning. Keep up the good work!!