Residence Purchaser / Homebuyer Workshop – Winthrop University

Residence Purchaser / Homebuyer Workshop – Winthrop University
Event on 2014-05-03 09:00:00

The purchase of a new house is a large decision!  You need the suitable resources to make the most of the opportunity  and have a Wonderful encounter.

  • Economic Preparing
  • Inclusive comprehending of Property Loans
  • True Estate want to understands
  • Comprehending Fiscal Pyramid
  • Mortgage Loans, IN&#39s & Out&#39s
  • How a lot you can afford?  Budgeting !
  • What is a very good credit score?
  • Can I get my credit score scores larger?
  • Home loan Loans (FHA, VA, USDA, CONV.) Pros vs. Cons
  • Down payments/ Down Payment Assistance
  • What can I assume the underwriter will appear for in qualifying?
  • What can you anticipate from a actual estate agent?
  • Negotiating Contracts
  • How extended does it take to shut on a home loan?
  • House getting checklists
  • Big difference in Proprietor&#39s and Loan company&#39s Insurance
  • What is the right fashion residence for my demands?
  • A lot more, Far more, and Far more….

Presenters ***(all occasions):

***Monetary Planner  ***Credit score Specialists   ***Loan Officer  ***Genuine Estate Agent      

 Contractors, , Gov. Officials,  Inspectors, Insurance (different),  Builders, and much more


Shawn Barsness, CEO


at Winthrop University
701 Oakland Ave
Rock Hill, United States

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