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Listing Agent / Real Estate Sales

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Most popular Real Estate Closing Gifts auctions

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Philly Real Estate Spicier Than Ny?

Philadelphia real estate will be the most undervalued and underperforming asset on the East coast. The City’s location is arguably better than every other metropolitan area in the United States, including New York City and Los Angeles. It had been only 240 years ago when Philadelphia was the most important centralized meeting invest the colonies. … Continue reading

Real Estate Closing – Settlement Agent by Kenney

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Washington Park Real Estate

Washington Park Real Estate encompasses a neighborhood of over 3000 homes divided up amongst 26 original subdivisions that were carved from the prairie between 1896 and 1926. The homes built were Victorians, Denver Squares, Bungalows, and Ranches. Today these same homes have been expanded, remodeled, popped and scraped, giving us the blend of the old … Continue reading