What Really Happens At Bachelorette Parties?

Women for years always wondered what happens at a bachelor party. Since bachelorette parties are becoming more and more common now the guys are wondering the same question. What really happens at a bachelorette party?

Well there are really no hard and fast answers as to what will happen at a specific bachelorette party. Each party is planned for a bride to be. The person planning the party will take into account the likes and dislikes of the bride to be, as well as what she wants for her bachelorette party.

Some brides to be will want the wild night on the town bachelorette party. In these cases the group of ladies will rent transportation to take them club hopping for a night. Since a safe ride home is assured, there will most likely be drinking at this type of bachelorette party. However, a bride to be can want a night out on the town party and not have it be a drunken affair. There are many people who do not drink, or only drink in moderation. Their idea of fun could be just getting together with the girls and hanging out without the guys around.

There are other brides to be who are looking for a more sedate and relaxing bachelorette party. These women will opt for something a bit more on the quiet side a day at the spa perhaps. The women will spend this bachelorette party being pampered with facials, massages, pedicures and manicures. Some wine might be served, but not in excess. The spa professionals will tell you that too much alcohol is not good for the skin and these women are going to want to look their best for the upcoming wedding.

Other brides to be might want something a bit crazy, like an all out scavenger hunt. There are some scavenger hunts that can be done in conjunction with a night out on the town, but there are other bachelorette party scavenger hunts that are the party. The whole purpose of getting together is to find the items on the checklist, take the pictures to prove they were found, and then get back to the meeting point to show everyone they won. There are some brides to be who will want to keep this party an all female affair, but there are other women who might want to have a joint bachelor-bachelorette party and have it be a scavenger hunt. The teams can be divided up as men versus women, or couples versus couples depending on what works for the people involved.

So what really happens at bachelorette parties? A bunch of women get together to have some fun, spending time with a bride to be before her wedding day. There are parties that will be wild, and parties that will be tame, but all bachelorette parties have this one thing in common: friends bonding with each other.

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