Washington Park Real Estate

Washington Park Real Estate encompasses a neighborhood of over 3000 homes divided up amongst 26 original subdivisions that were carved from the prairie between 1896 and 1926. The homes built were Victorians, Denver Squares, Bungalows, and Ranches. Today these same homes have been expanded, remodeled, popped and scraped, giving us the blend of the old and new, the nostalgic and edgy that brings us the wonderful mix of neighbors we have.

The buyers of the homes in Washington Park are classified as cool hunters, empty nesters, investors, out-of-towners, and bloomers. Cool hunters are those who thought living in a loft in downtown Denver was a good idea, but who found themselves running with their dog, throwing their frisbees, or playing volleyball in Washington Park. Bloomers are the young families that already live in the neighborhood and, because of growing families, need more space.

These 5-buyer groups have lots to choose from for their purchases. There are homes in the neighborhood that did not have the required maintenance over the decades. There are those that were maintained, but were not remodeled. Then there are the original structures that have been updated with new mechanical, roofs, windows, and kitchens and baths. Many homes have been expanded up and out, while the new structures occupy the space of many of the not maintained homes.

Price appreciation has been strong in Washington Park Real Estate over the last 13 years. However, the first quarter of 2009 saw significant changes in several respects. First, the mix of homes sold has shifted. The growth segment is no longer new builds, but now the larger bungalows. The prices have fallen when compared to the same period last year, and the time it takes to sell a home in Washington Park has grown to over 130 days.

Even though the neighborhood is no longer immune from the national economic forces, it is still a great place to live with a promising future. It is a perfect example of a great urban outdoors neighborhood, full of people of all ages, many nationalities, and eclectic interests.

Jacqueline Preston
Washington Park Real Estate

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